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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vision Information from Dr. Boulet

Hello Everyone.
  1. Find here the program outline from the Monday October 29, 2012 Calgary group meeting, including links to resources.
  2. Find the Activity Package (and many more) through the http://learningmanagement.ca site if you are registered. Registration is FREE!
Warmest regards, 

Dr. Boulet

PS - Please visit http://MountainPostcards.com and sign up for the free postcard emails. These are hi-resolutions images for desktops or print. Share the emails with your friends, family, and colleagues! This is a fun and visually gratifying way to spread the word about the importance of child vision exams. 

PPS - If you haven't already done so, also sign up for the OT VT Intro course. There is no charge for this. Find it here:

http://learningmanagement.ca/ot-vt-intro-course-sign-up/  - let me know if you have trouble with this.

Dr. Charles BouletBEd, BSc, OD 
Family Optometry / Learning Consulting 

www.DVVC.ca -  Clinic

Box 1289
Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0

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