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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Community of Practice Upcoming Meeting November 8th

Our next CoP meeting is Thursday November 8 at 4:30pm.  

We are happy to welcome Gwen Roberts (OT) and Stacey Babcock (PT) from Regional School Health, to discuss the school based therapy services in Calgary.  We'll follow up with discussion around what this looks like for children with DCD.

I've attached a poster for the event, so feel free to print it off, and invite other allied health or educational professionals who work with children or adolescents.  Telehealth sites and room numbers are on the poster.  Of note: The RRDTC and Lacombe Hospital & Care Centre sites are available this month (November 8), but will not be available for the December 13 meeting, due to other bookings.

For the remainder of 2012, we have been asked that CoP members please pre-register for Telehealth sites.  I've attached the directions to assist you to pre-register for your site.  If you are not an AHS employee, please contact me and let me know which site you would like to be pre-registered for.

Have a wonderful week, we hope to see you next Thursday!


Tammy and Brenda

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