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Monday, 25 June 2012

Physical Therapist Job Posting - Black Gold Regional Schools

Black Gold Regional Schools is looking for a 0.6FTE Physical Therapist.  This is a temporary position to cover a maternity leave from September 2012 - June 2013.  I work for Black Gold and it is a great place to work!!  See posting below or at http://www.blackgold.ca/index.php/news/physical-therapist-temporary-part-time-position/.


Nicole Ebbesen Rowan

P.O.P.S.I.C.L.E. Screening Tool to Identify Feeding Issues in Young Children

Hello!  OT's working with children with feeding difficulties:

The P.O.P.S.I.C.L.E. (Parent Organized Partnerships Supporting Infants and Children Learning to Eat) Center has worked with a nationally recognized group of feeding experts to develop a screening tool to identify feeding issues  in young children.  It is a web based tool that provides the parent with a information in a printable summary about their child's feeding habits to discuss with their physician.The print out is to be used as a reference for any possible areas of concern to be further assessed by all appropriate members of the child's medical professional team.

Irma Coumantarakis
Occupational Therapist
Children's Feeding Therapy

Book Reviewers Wanted!

Hello all,
Dr. Boulet presented at the last Calgary Peds meeting. He is looking for people to review his book.  If anyone is interested, please see the info below.

Perhaps you recall from my presentation last week that I am working on a book for teachers and OTs on the role of vision in determining behaviour in the classroom, as well as a companion manual to guide intervention. As I near completion of the first drafts, I am looking for people to review sections and provide feedback. Can you pass this along to your group to see if anyone is available for this? All reviewers will of course be properly credited and receive a complimentary copy when it is published. 

Many thanks!

Dr. Boulet

Dr. Charles BouletBEd, BSc, OD 
Family Optometry / Learning Consulting 

www.DVVC.ca -  Clinic
Box 1289
Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0

Optometrists Recommended by ACH Vision

I wanted to send you this list of optometrists recommended by ACH Vision Clinic. The list is rather different from our list through the Peds interest group, and may be nice for therapists to use both.

Lauren Rhynes, MScOT(c), BSc, BSc
Occupational Therapist
Developmental Clinic
Child Development Centre


OT Summer Camps in Westaskiwin Area

I will be offering OT Summer Programs for children in the areas of school readiness, handwriting, and sensory processing this summer in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Please feel free to share with any clients who
may be interested.

For information click below.


Sarah Bailer M.Sc., B.Sc.O.T., O.T. (reg)
Shining Stars Occupational Therapy for Children
(780) 335-6874

DCD CoP Updates

Hello All,

We've gone ahead and cancelled the June (noon) DCD CoP meeting.  June is usually poorly attended (we are ALL very busy right now).  We had a nice wrap up with the attendees at the May meeting.

The next meetings are booked and are:
  • September 13, 4:30-6:30
  • October 11, 12-1
  • November 8, 4:30-6:30
  • December 13, 12-1
In the May meeting there were 2 decisions made that impact the whole group:
  • The DCD CoP is now a Multidisciplinary Group - so feel free to spread the word about the group to any colleagues that might be interested (teachers, psychologists, SLP's etc).  You can give my contact info (below) if they would like to be on the email list, or have further questions about the group.
  • The group decided not to go ahead with an e-forum for now.  Group members agreed that face to face Telehealth was working well, but we could review if we'd like to go ahead with an e-forum through the Family Resource Centre at ACH next spring (2013)
As usual, please contact me with any questions, and have a wonderful summer!


Tammy and Brenda

Tammy Nighswander

Full and Part Time Positions with Rockyview School District

Full and part-time positions are available, information regarding the position is below.

Questions can be direction towards Lynda Hemsworth, Supervisor of the Early Intervention department at lhemsworth@rockyview.ab.ca , 403-945-4026.

Positions for Speech Language Pathologists are also posted at: https://www.applytoeducation.com/Applicant/AttSearchResults.aspx  if anyone knows of someone who may be interested.

Thank you!
Kristen MacDonald


Full Time OT Position with Advance OT in Medicine Hat

Our dynamic Advance OT team includes five Occupational Therapists, and two Occupational Therapy Assistants. The program we deliver to local schools is well developed ensuring consistency and efficiency among therapists. This will be a great opportunity to develop strong assessment, treatment and consultative skills with a specific pediatric population. Mentorship is provided and ongoing education strongly encouraged. We are growing quickly and the successful applicant will have a great opportunity to be involved in the development of numerous projects promoting Occupational Therapy in the community.

For job details, click below:


Physical Therapist 0.2 FTE Job Posting

The Corbett Hall Early Education Program (CHEEP) is seeking a part-time PHYSICAL THERAPIST to begin in September, 2012.  See details below.


Work and Research Opportunity for new Therapy Group

Dear Calgary Pediatric OTs,

I will be starting a small group therapeutic intervention for reading and learning disabilities this summer, likely in August. The program emphasizes the role of visual development and will seek to remediate Visual Impediments to Learning (VIL) as part of a more comprehensive approach to LD/RD. The general approach will address many of the common concerns children struggle against, including gross and fine motor coordination, laterality/directionality, bilateral integration, sensory integration, as well as a number of low-level and high-level cognitive skills that support classroom success.

We are in need of private contractors to work with families on a weekly basis and to contribute to the refining of the treatment protocol. This study will show metrics before, during, and after treatment, and will form the basis of a new formalized plan for LD/RD intervention. This will include a number of papers written to describe the process and outcomes.

We are looking for two participants, but will happily entertain expressions of interest from as many who respond. If you are interested in participating in this work and research, please contact me directly (information below). Include a brief summary of credentials, experience, and professional interests. Likewise, if you have further questions about this work or are simply interested in adding your name to our list of private OT contractors, please feel free to write.

Warmest regards, 

Dr. Charles Boulet
Dr. Charles BouletBEd, BSc, OD 
Developmental Optometry / Learning Consulting 

www.DVVC.ca -  Clinic
Box 1289
Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0

Family in Need of OT - 1-yr Contract

Family in need of an OT. Contract available for one year.


·         7 year old, girl. In Grade 1 currently, moving to Grade 2 in September.
·         OT need to assist with assessments and growth.
·         Contract currently funded through FSCD for 48 hours.
·         Additional hours may be available outside of FSCD allowance.
·         Family self-administrating and Fund establish for all contract payments.
·         Appointments to be in afternoon (3:00 – 6:00), Day selectable.
·         Child’s Aide is also present each day (under a separate contract) for training follow-up.
·         OT must be registered.
·         Residence in Evergreen community

Gregory C. Humphreys
Tel./Direct     403.540.5141
Fax.               403.278.9211
800 Tel/Fax:  866.929.3273

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Job Posting - New Heights School

New Heights is currently seeking applications for an energetic, enthusiastic part time Occupational Therapist to work in a school and preschool with students on the Autism Spectrum and with other similar learning differences.

-Entry level degree in Occupational Therapy required
-Active registration with ACOT required
-Experience with children and youths on the Autism Spectrum is desirable.
-Excellent interpersonal, organizational and time management skills required.
-Ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary team environment required.

Position is for the 2012/2013 school year.

Resumes may be submitted to the Administrative Team
mail to: 1323 McKnight Blvd. NE Calgary, AB. T2E 5T4
fax to: (403) 769-0633

The American Academy of Pediatrics Takes Aim at OT

Interesting blog post on an article about pediatricians in the States doubting the effectiveness of sensory integration therapy.