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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Early Bird Registration for Ellen Yack in Kelowna in April

Dear Colleagues: 

Early bird registration ends March 14!   Accommodation block will be released March 26.  Book early for this great opportunity:

 April 27-28  "Utilizing a Sensory Integration Theoretical Framework in the Home, School and Preschool"
from a Canadian perspective with Ellen Yack from Toronto ON, at Manteo Waterfront Resort, Kelowna, BC!

Please forward to your networks.

Dynamic Core Course Calgary April 20 - 22

Hello all,

Here is the registration form for the Dynamic Core for Kids Course held in Calgary, April 20-22nd. I don't know how many spots are left but it's not a lot so act fast! If your cheque will have to be mailed in, you can call Teena Sedgwick (see registration form) to get your name down.

Thanks again for your patience. I hope all who want to register will be able to.

Carolyn Fuss, MScPT
Pediatric Physiotherapist
High River Health Unit
Ph: 403-652-5476
Fax: 403-652-5499

Autism in Early Childhood May 4 & 5, Calgary

I have attached the brochure for our Autism in Early childhood workshop.  Please pass it along to families you work with or colleagues who may be interested in attending.  Thank you.

Jacquie McKechnie
Manager of Marketing and Communications
Renfrew Educational Services
Phone: 403-291-5038 (extension 1654)
email: jacquiemckechnie@renfreweducation.org

Pediatric Placement Offers NEEDED in Calgary!!

There were a number of student placement offers from Calgary & southern Alberta for OCCTH 527 which is a Level 3 placement from March 26 - May 4, 2012. We really appreciate these offers. However, we do not yet have any pediatric placement offers from Calgary or southern Alberta for OCCTH 525 which is a Level 2 placement from May 22 - June 29, 2012. Please consider offering a placement, so that the students will gain experience and be able to graduate as occupational therapists.

The offers for May-June we hope to have by next week (March 20 - we are quite desperate for those) and the ones for July-August can be provided by April 15 or sooner.

If you are able to offer a placement in the Calgary or southern Alberta area, please contact Jutta Hinrichs at hinrichs@ualberta.ca or Michelle Green, Clinical Education Assistant at michelle.green@ualberta.ca

Monday, 12 March 2012

BOT-2 or MABC-2 to borrow

I am looking to borrow or rent a BOT-2 or MABC-2. Please contact me if you have one available at sarahbailer.ot@gmail.com. Thanks!

Sippy cup for use with child with CP

Can anyone give me advice on which sippy cup to use for a child who gets the majority of his nutrition from Pediasure, both orally and through a G-tube. He was using a bottle but is starting to reject it (before we have had success in replacing it with a nosey or other cup) We need something he will accept and be able to use successfully to obtain a good quantity of nutrition, so that we do not need to increase his G-tube feeds. He needs something which will control the flow as he has C.P and some problems with oral skills.

Thanks for any ideas you may have,

Heather McKenzie

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cerebral Palsy (CP) in Motion Conference and Workshop

Please see the e-card below for information about our upcoming Conference and Workshop on May 11-12 in Edmonton. For additional details, please visit our website at www.cpinmotion.ca. Early Bird registration is now open!

Check out the e-card here.

Universal Design Consultant Needed

Hello fellow OT's.

I am looking for an OT with experience in universal/barrier free design to consult with a family that is remodeling their home for their daughter; they live in Ardrossan, AB. If you are that OT or if you know of anyone please contact me at amlees@shaw.ca. I can provide addition information about the family if you are interested in working with them.
Thank you,
April Monkman-Lees

Alberta Children's Hospital Feeding Clinic

I am wondering if there are any therapists who work/worked for the Alberta Children's Hospital Feeding Clinic or who know of anyone who does? I am looking for some information about the clinic from someone who has experience there. Please feel free to send me an email.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

SAOT Presents: Cris Rowan Workshop Series "Enhancing Productivity with Balanced Technology Management"

Enhancing productivity with balanced technology management
April 21 - 22, 2012
Workshop creator Cris Rowan is a well-known speaker and author.  Teachers, parents and therapists throughout North America in the field of sensory integration, learning, attention, fine motor skills and the impact of technology on children’s neurological development read, participate and attend her workshops, discovering skills which enhance their knowledge and abilities.
Cris has Bachelor of Science degrees in Occupational Therapy and Biology, and is a SIPT certified Pediatric Sensory Specialist.  Cris is the author of:  Unplug – Don’t Drug; Creating Sustainable Futures; Linking Corporations to Communities initiatives; and Virtual Child – The Terrifying Truth about What Technology is doing to Children.
Workshop # 1 – Sensory Processing
Harnessing Energy: Sensory Tools and Techniques for Responsible Learning 
Harnessing Energy profiles the Zone’in Concept to improve self-responsibility, and offers information regarding sensory integration, tools and techniques to enhance sensory processing, attention, learning, and behavior.

Workshop # 2 - Fine Motor Development
Back to Basics: Printing Skills – The Forgotten Foundation of Literacy
Back to Basics raises awareness regarding increasing incidence of developmental delays, and the reasons why schools still need to teach printing. Back to Basics offers parents, schools, government and university suggestions and initiatives on how to ease the job of printing and reading for all children.
Workshop 3: Attachment and Addictions
A Cracked Foundation: How Virtual Parenting is Destroying Our Children

A Cracked Foundation offers education and health professionals much needed information on how to address healthy attachment formation in children, rather than just refer them for psychiatric diagnosis and medication.
Workshop 4: Technology Balance
Mixed Signals: Connection to Technology is Disconnecting Child Development

Mixed Signals raises awareness regarding the damaging impact of technology on child development and academic performance, and provides assessment and intervention tools and techniques to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology use. Balanced Technology Management initiatives are provided for clinics, schools, homes and community settings to create ’sustainable’ futures for all children.

Who should attend?
Parents, teachers, administrators, special education staff, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, counsellors, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and child care providers. 
Register for one or two days!

Click here for more information and to register.

Next DCD CoP Meeting for Professionals - March 8

Next DCD CoP Thursday March 8 at 4:30pm

Hello DCD CoP members!

Just a reminder that the next DCD CoP meeting is Thursday March 8 at 4:30pm.  At ACH we are in Room B4-011, and all other Telehealth sites still apply.  Please remember that you need to register ahead of time for Telehealth.

We will continue our discussion of the new Recommendations for DCD from the European Academy for Childhood Disability (which are also the new Clinical Practice Guidelines for Germany and Switzerland).  They are attached here:

I've also attached a scanned copy of a handout that Brenda Wilson prepared for the group last year that relates DCD research to the ICF framework (The above handout has come up as a discussion point at the last few meetings).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your interest in our group!

Tammy Nighswander

Article Link "10 Signs Your Child May Be Color Blind"


I'm writing to let you know that we posted an article, “10 Signs Your Child May be Color Blind"(http://www.nationalnannies.com/blog/10-signs-your-child-may-be-color-blind/). I just thought I'd share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers.

Thanks for time!

Carol Watson  

Wheelchair for Sale

We have an almost new condition (my son only used the chair very part time - shopping malls and around the block!) 
Here is the link to see the features of the chair.http://www.tilite.com/wchairs_yg.php#
14 inch Titanium Lite wheelchair and cushion
guards on the wheels
pneumatic tires
3 inch colored (green ) front casters
adjustable upholstery
a tool/multi-purpose pouch under the front leg assembly.
Solid but adjustable height foot plate
Push handles are average height and removable.
Paid $4200.00 Asking $2000.00 OBO
Sharon Chatenay 780-989-0800