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Monday, 6 June 2016

Understanding the Interplay between Culture&Care Webinary

Understanding the Interplay between Culture & Care: Building Capacity to Care for Aboriginal Children and Youth

Aboriginal Children are the fastest growing cohort of children in Canada, yet their chances of achieving their optimal developmental outcomes are compromised by the lingering effect of a tragic past experienced by some of their ancestors, combined with current health care inequities. There is a unique initiative developed out of clinical questions about how to best generate and disseminate knowledge related to improving the wellbeing of Aboriginal children and youth.
Dr. Margot Latimer and John R. Sylliboy will join us to discuss the details of the Aboriginal Children’s Hurt & Healing Initiative (ACHH) and how the ACHH’s objectives are identifying important pain related health inequities that could be further impairing children’s wellbeing. The details related to how the ACHH is addressing the Truth and Reconciliation ‘Calls to Action’ in the area of health will be shared as well as related history, geography and health context of Aboriginal children and youth in Canada and beyond.
We will also be joined by Dr. Roberta Woodgate to share findings from a CIHR funded study that sought to arrive at an increased understanding of the disability trajectory from the perspectives of First Nations families of children with disabilities. The findings from the study lend support for further improvements that may enrich the lives of these families.

Webinar is June 29, 2016 
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