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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Feeding Thickeners in Very Young Children?

I work out of Saskatoon, SK.  I attended the Fragile Infant Feeding Institute in Edmonton in May 2012 and it sounded as though the presenters were advocating for moving away from commercial thickeners for liquids, particularly in the infant population.  This was not a main topic of discussion, so I wanted to look into further information.  I have reviewed three different products that I am aware of: Simply Thick, Thicken Up, and Thicken Up Clear.  All have warnings regarding Pediatric use.  Simply Thick products are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.  Simply Thick is not recommended for premature infants, infants under 1 year, or children with a history of NEC.  I found this info on the respective manufacturer's websites.
What are feeding therapists using for commercial thickeners in very young children?  Or are therapists recommending food based thickening more often (such as rice cereal, yogurt, etc).  I realize that it is a cost/benefit analysis; however, I am very concerned about recommending off-label use.
Any input would be very warmly welcomed.
Thank you in advance,
Mandy Madsen, BScOT, Reg (SK)
Feeding Clinic Coordinator
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  1. I prefer to use food although I have used the commercial thickeners in a limited way in the past. Most parents seem to prefer using food in my experience. Heather McKenzie