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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Funding for iPad?

Hi again!

I have been asked to write a letter of support for a young boy to receive funding for his iPad.  The teacher and SLP have already spoken to the therapeutic, functional and school-based relevance of this tool for the child.  I just wondered if anyone has ever tried to get funding for an iPad and if so - any tips?  Also, does anyone have any current evidence or literature that may be referenced in discussing the therapeutic benefit of an iPad?

Any help is much appreciated!

Nicole Ebbesen Rowan


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I was successful in receiving funding for an iPad for family that lives in a rural community. They applied to their local Lion's Club and got funding for the iPad and some gift cards for Apps. The main purpose for the iPad was to provide the family with a more user friendly method of using visual supports across a variety of settings (home, school, travel, community settings, caregiver's houses etc.) The mother did most of the advocating herself and I wrote a letter explaining how the iPad would be used, and current barriers experienced with hard copy visual supports.

    I did not have any evidence specifically about using an iPad for visuals supports. I know that the I Can Centre has a presentation about the pros and cons of using an iPad for communication.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Do you happen to have a copy of that presentation by the I Can Centre?