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Monday, 28 November 2011

Extra Curricular Activity Ideas for Child in Calgary


I have a parent who is looking for an extra-curricular activity/ sport group for her physically involved daughter. Ideally the activity would include some

1. core strengthening
2. mild vestibular challenges
3. mild visual challenges
4. peer interaction (for motivation)

This 7 year old girl lives in the deep south Calgary, is ambulatory but unstable on her feet, difficulty using both eyes together, and very low tone.  Dance would be good, or a therapy group....

Could you reply if you know of any such options? 

Charlene Wright B.Sc.O.T.(c)
Occupational Therapist
403 277 8508
Email: Effective.Strategies@shaw.ca
Web: http://effectivestrategies.shawwebspace.ca/

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