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Monday, 31 October 2011

Edmonton and Area Private Practioner List

The Edmonton and Calgary OT Pediatric Interest Groups frequently receive requests for contact information for private practicing therapists.  The link to SAOT's list is here.

The Calgary OT Pediatric Interest Group has started to compile a list of private practicing Occupational Therapists who have provided their information for the use of parents and professionals who are looking for a therapist to provide service privately or through an FSCD contract.  Please email Heather McKenzie bhmck@shaw.ca if you are not already on the list and wish to be added.

We will also compile a similar list for Edmonton and area private practicing Occupational Therapists.  If you wish to be included on this list, please email ab.ot.pedintgroup@gmail.com with the following information:
  • name
  • contact information (phone, email, website, etc.)
  • location of practice
  • short biography and/or information on your experience and expertise
This information will be compiled and accessible as a link on this page and will be periodically updated.

Please note that the Alberta OT Pediatric Interest Group does not endorse any therapist or company,
and holds no responsibility for services provided by anyone on the lists.

OT and SLP Education Series - November and December

Please find the attached posters for more information about the series of OT and SLP education sessions running again this November and December 2011. Sessions will be taking place at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, but are also available via Telehealth in Brooks, Bow Island, & Oyen.
If you work with children who are diagnosed ASD/Asperger's/PPD-NOS these sessions may be useful for their parents/caregivers/educators.  If you are working with children who are not diagnosed, but have similar difficulties - these parents are also welcome to attend.  Encourage caregivers (both family and education) to come to learn how to support these kids!  

Click here for the brochure.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chronic Fatigue Illness

I am wondering if anyone has treated a child with Chronic Fatigue Illness?  If so, I would appreciate the opportunity to touch base with you as I am currently working with a 4 y.o. girl who has been diagnosed with this condition.  


Comment below if you have experience with this diagnosis.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Edmonton Community Activities and Resources

I am trying to compile a list of community programs and resources for children with special needs in our communities. Too often families are coming to me (in the SwimAbilities swimming program) with few or no other leisure activities that their child participates in. There are lots of programs out there, but not a lot of common knowledge about them. I'm a huge advocate for the families getting active and involved, and if you know of a program, I'd be happy to put it up on the swimabilities.ca website.

Please email me the program information at Laura@SwimAbilities.ca.

Laura Dumas

Meds exacerbating sensory concerns?

I have a girl who is in elementary school. She has a diagnosis of mild C.P She has sensory issues and recently went on medication for a diagnosis of attentional problems. Since being on the meds, she has become very oversensitive to sounds…people talking, a binder closing, etc. to the point she is in tears and says it hurts. Her mother says she had been fairly sensitive to noises when she was young but she had improved greatly and only had a few issues, prior to being on the meds. Mom reportsshe is getting enough sleep. I haven’t seen her since this began so I have not put any sensory strategies in place yet.  I have two questions:
  1. Does anyone have any thoughts about the meds? ( sorry, I don’t know which one she is on) Has anyone seen problems with any ADD meds which exacerbate over responsiveness to sound.
  2. Which sensory strategy would be the best to try first?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Children's Autism Services of Edmonton 2012 Conference

Join us for our 5th Annual Edmonton Conference!!

JANUARY 19TH - 21ST, 2012

Keynote Speaker: Eustacia Culter - author, advocate and Temple Grandin's mother

Registration Form and Information Here

Kim Barthel Workshop in January 2012

Kim Barthel Workshop coming to Edmonton in January 26 and 27

Collaborating Clinicians
Occupational and Speech Therapy Using a Sensory Motor Approach

This two day workshop is designed for speech/language pathologists, behavioral interventionists, and occupational therapists who work collaboratively towards the enhancement of communication, interaction, organized behavior, learning, joint attention, and modulation using sensory integrative principles. An intimate relationship exists between sensory motor function and the development of relationship, communication and speech. Join these master clinicians as they explore the neurobiology, the art of therapy and collaborative approaches in the treatment of children with communication challenges. Strategies presented will emphasize an OT/SLP integrated approach for children diagnosed with developmental challenges, autism, attention deficit disorder and language delays, etc.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Calgary OT Pediatric Interest Group Upcoming Event

Date: Monday October 24
Time: 7:30pm
Location: G.R.I.T. Calgary Society
#4, 6020-1A Street SW Calgary (1 block north of Chinook LRT and 2 blocks east of Chinook Center Mall) 
Topic:Visual Perceptual Treatment: Evidence from the Literature
Lauren Rhynes will be sharing the results from her literature review on visual perception and ocularmotor delay treatment.
This presentation is to review the results of a literature review and critical appraisal I completed in the Spring of 2011 entilted Efficacy of intervention for visual perception and oculomotor delays in school-aged children. The study analyzes the literature on visual perception and oculomotor treatment that could be implemented by an occupational therapist.  The overall literature, as well as individual studies will be discussed.  As well, this information will be integrated with clinical evidence to determine the best course of action when working with these children, and will lead to the creation of a document for clinicians.  Discussion about the impact on clinical practice will be welcomed and encouraged!
Having any burning questions or case studies you want to discuss? Bring them along!
Any new resources, books, toys etc, you have found... we would love to hear about them!

Toileting strategies for BM?

I have an 8 year old that uses the toilet for voiding but not for bowel movements. He is a picky eater and is on a routine bowel softener. Does anyone have any ideas to encourage the use of the toilet for bowel movements?

I forgot to mention that he is FASD, no overt signs of SPD, liked deep pressure,higher level motor planning issues.

Thanks muchly.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Request for short video clips of DCD in daily life

The Bow Valley Community Care OT/PT contingent is facilitating a meeting of community partners in November to discuss how best to support kids and families who are facing DCD. Wondered if anyone has some short video clips (1-2 mins) that we could use to send out with our invite, demonstrating some of the functional impact of DCD on daily life? I recall the dance class clip, and would love that link, with any others that you have collected.

Contact Adrienne Lawlor (with permission would insert her email address here)

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Hello OTs!

This blog serves as a website for Alberta pediatric Occupational Therapists to "meet" and share information, network and support each other!  It replaces the email list-serves that the Edmonton and Area OT Pediatric Interest Group (coordinated by Nicole Ebbesen Rowan/Believe OT) and the Calgary Pediatric Interest Group (coordinated by Heather MacKenzie) have been using for several years.  However, the 'mandate' of the blog is the same as the email lists:
  • to share information about professional development, both formal and informal
  • to share information about job postings and professional opportunities, including private practice
  • to network and engage in clinical discussions
  • to share any other information relevant to pediatric occupational therapy
This blog is intended for use by Occupational Therapists and related professionals; please see the disclaimer below.

For more information on this blog, please click here to view the page "How does this blog work?"