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This blog/website replaces the Edmonton and Calgary email list-serves that were previously used to share information about job postings, professional development, etc.  

All information to be shared with the Alberta OT Pediatric Interest Group is posted on the Home Page with tags/labels and onto the corresponding page.  

Outdated information will be removed from individual pages, however, this information will still remain as archived posts and will therefore be included in searches and/or when you click on specific labels.

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In order to share information please 
email information about job postings, professional development, clinical discussion questions, etc. to ab.ot.pedintgroup@gmail.com.  

**If you are submitting information to be shared, please indicate if you consent to have your contact name and/or email address or other information shared on the blog.  Because it is accessible by the public, there is a chance that you could receive some spam messages and at this time, we cannot predict how much, if any.  Rather than including a direct link, we can spell it out (i.e., jane dot smith at gmail dot com).  Please indicate your preference.

Please note that any inappropriate content will be removed at the authors' discretion Please email if there are any concerns.

The polls are informal and anonymous!  Feel free to participate and/or email suggestions for poll topics! 


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