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Friday, 21 April 2017

Private contract in Calgary

My name is Krisztina and I am looking for an occupational therapist to work with my son.  

My son is a complex kiddo with epilepsy and learning disabilities, he is 8 years old and is in grade 2.  

He recently had a Sensory Profile assessment done and the results came back to indicate that he has heightened sensory issues that play a role in most of his day.

We are looking for an occupational therapist that is able to work within the FSCD rates (max $100/hr) that has experience with supporting our son with his sensory concerns.

He currently has a psychologist on his team and a developmental aide.  We are willing to travel or to have the session in our home (Central SE Calgary).

I do have his sensory profile assessment available to share if you feel that you are able to work with our son and us.

Can you please let me know.

Krisztina Horn

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