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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Calgary Meeting on May 12

Let's have a meeting.
Calgary OT Pediatric Interest Group 
Location: 928 Arbour Lake Rd. N.W. 
Date: Friday May 12 
Time: at 2 pm

Please contact Charlene for the room number: Cell Phone: 403 277 8508; Email: Charlene@otyyca


1. Setting your goals and completing your SAT - sharing, information, and discussion.
2. According to the book: Movements that heal if vestibular input is not enough, not enough tone will develop in the extensors. Is this what people are finding clinically? Do we need to get more training on this?
3. Wilbarger protocol. Please get your method checked. Joint compressions are GENTLE!
4. DCD - Pediatric OT's should feel confident in treating and helping to identify this disorder. Discuss. 
5. Reflex integration, vestibular ocular reflex, praxis, and vision skills. Are we clear and concise, yet?

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