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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Handwriting without Tears Materials for sale in Calgary

Large amount of Handwriting without Tears Materials for sale- included is everything you need to get any child started  from PreK to 4th grade! 
All new materials in original packaging and perfect condition. Value of $280 selling for $175. Contact Emma at emma.paynter.ab@gmail.com or 587-575-4081 

Hands on Materials:
Slate chalk board
Little sponge cubes
Stamp and see board
Wood pieces set (capital letters)
Mat for wood pieces
Flip crayons mini set
Pencils for little hands
Touch and flip cards
Blackboard with double lines
Roll a dough letters

Get set for school sing a long CD
Rock, tap and learn CD

Teacher's Guides:
Readiness and writing PreK teachers guide 
Kindergarten guide
1st Grade guide
2nd Grade guide
3rd Grade cursive guide 
4th Grade cursive guide 

My first school book
Letters and Numbers for Me
My Printing Book
Printing Power
Cursive Handwriting 
Cursive Success
Can do cursive
Kickstart Cursive" 

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