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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sensory Tools for Schools Workshop

Sensory Tools for Schools 
HENRY OT Services Inc.                   

DAY 1: Tools for Tots TM

DAY 2: Sensory Tool Chest TM

Presented by:
Susan Swindeman OTR/L 
Maureen Kane-Wineland PhD OT/L

November 4 & 5, 2016       

Best Western Plus Port O’ Call
1935 McKnight Boulevard NE
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6V4
Phone: 403-291-4600
Accommodation available on-site

Sponsored by:
Occupational Therapy Services

Course Description    
In this “sensory” workshop, developed by Diana A. Henry MS, OTR/L, (ateachabout.com), participants will actively engage in two days of hands-on fun movement, balance and motor activities using a variety of sensory tools that will promote all students’ attention and focus in the classroom.   

Day 1: Tools for Tots

This workshop is designed to offer practical sensory strategies to improve the ability of toddlers and preschoolers to play and function in their various daily environments. A variety of sensory activities and environmental strategies will be highlighted using hands-on participation and videos of typical tots and those with challenges including social engagement. 
Topics will include everyday issues related to waking up, picky eating, teeth brushing, getting dressed, potty time, hair washing, finger nail cutting, bath time, bed time, and more. Participants will also learn strategies to help Touchy Tots, Sensitive Ears, Busy Bees, Fumbling Tots, Tippy Toe Tots, Cautious Tots and Spirited Tots.

Day 2: Sensory Tool Chest

This is a unique hands-on, highly participatory FUN workshop! It includes demonstration of sensory integration and sensory processing to enhance the environment by making it “sensory safe” for students, parents, and teachers. Attendees will experience what it is like to have sensory challenges, and learn how to use chair balls and other sensory-based activities in classrooms, daycares, and homes by participating during the hands-on lab work. The workshop reviews current research and case studies using the Sensory Processing Measures (SPM and SPM-Preschool). An introduction to the SPM Quick Tips® is included, as well as how to help teams with clinical reasoning and brainstorming to develop sensory-based strategies. These are to be integrated into the fabric of the child's everyday life throughout school (art, music, PE, recess, cafeteria, bus and main classroom), in the home, and in the community. Opportunities for recording data will be discussed. Tool Chest activities will also be included.

More information: Kendra - ot4lifecalgary@gmail.com

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