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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Seeking OT in SW Calgary

A family in Signature Heights, Calgary is looking for an OT to join their specialised services FSCD team. Their daughter is a lovely 10 year old girl who is recovering from a brain injury resulting from the removal of a cancerous brain tumour on the left side of her brain. The family is looking for an OT who ideally has experience in neuro rehab /physmed to help her develop and maintain upper extremity function and fine motor skills. If you can provide OT to this child (2 hours per month, after school) please contact the family at dr.imaneg@yahoo.fr

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Clinical Question about Toileting

I am looking for suggestions and resources with regards to supporting a boy with ASD, about 8 years old, who continues to struggle with BM accidents (roughly once a week) in his underwear. He is fully toilet trained otherwise. His family and myself are unclear whether he is not feeling the cues that he needs to go to the bathroom or if he is choosing to go in his underwear occasionally. Most of the time he successfully has BM’s in the toilet. When he has an accident his mom will find him hiding in his room.  He is also quite disturbed about wiping himself afterwards and refuses to do so. Cognitively, he knows that pee and poo go in the toilet, it is not due to a lack of understanding or anything communication wise.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Occupational Therapy Recovery Conference 2016: Expressive Approaches in Occupational Therapy

The Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone Occupational Therapy Practice Council is pleased to present a two-day evidence-informed workshop on October 20 and 21, 2016. Join your colleagues to gain knowledge of and skills in Expressive Approaches to support individuals affected by addictions and mental health concerns.
The principles and skills which will be covered in the Expressive Approaches in Occupational Therapy relate to adolescent and adult clients experiencing psychosocial issues such as difficulties in communicating their experience due to illness and/or stigma and/or resisting patienthood; complex and unclear mental health profiles, or functional issues related to emotional dysregulation regardless of initial diagnosis. This workshop presumes a grasp and application of the core occupational science concepts of doing, being, becoming and belonging as well as occupational therapy conceptual models for practice, background knowledge in psychiatry, and an awareness of the Mental Health Strategy of Canada.
For more information or to register, go to http://www.cvent.com/d/kfqyq5

Monday, 12 September 2016

Fall Printing Programs in Calgary

Get a GREAT start to the school year with Occupational Therapy!

Developing Pre-printing Skills
Offered Weekdays after school or evening
Fall Session: October & November 2016, dates to be determined
Cost: $450 *$400 (Early Bird Rate)

The development of muscle strength and dexterity in hands and fingers, eye-hand coordination, visual-motor control and visual perceptual skills is essential for the acquisition of pre-writing skills. This is a therapeutic program for students to improve pre-writing skills.

The Skills of Printing
Grade 1-3
Offered Weekdays after school or evening
• Fall Session: October & November 2016, dates to be determined
• Cost: $450 *$400 (Early Bird Rate)

Children who experience difficulties with fine motor and visual motor skills often struggle in acquiring the skills of printing. This struggle can lead to frustration, poor motivation and reduced work output. This is a therapeutic program for students to improve printing skills, legibility and speed.

The Skills of Handwriting
Grade 3-6
Offered Weekdays after school or evening
Fall Session: October & November 2016, dates to be determined
Cost: $450 *$400 (Early Bird Rate)

Studies have shown that increased legibility of handwriting can result in improved self-esteem, greater proficiency and stronger grades. This is a therapeutic program for students to improve cursive writing, focusing on the fundamentals of handwriting and lower case letters.

v  Initial consultation is required for new clients
v  All programs are comprised of 5 weekly sessions
v  Each program will include an evaluation of skill level and practical recommendations for home and school use if required
v  Parents will have a chance to discuss their child’s progress, any concerns regarding their child and implementation of the therapist’s recommendations during a private consultation meeting

Self-Regulation Programs
(Alert/Zones of Regulation)
Grade 3-6
Fall Session (+ Parent Session included): October & November 2016, dates to be determined
Cost: $500 *$450 (Early Bird Rate)

The Alert Program uses the analogy of a car engine to introduce the concepts of self-regulation, a key component in focus, attention, concentration and therefore learning. “If your body is like a car engine, sometimes it runs on high, sometimes it runs on low and sometimes it runs just right.” Parents and students will increase their awareness of levels of “alertness” in themselves & others. They will also learn sensorimotor strategies or “engine tools” to adjust their engine speed.

* Early Bird Deadline: *
Fall Session: September 30th, 2016
Space is Limited to 5 Children per Group
*Please contact us for more information*

Karen McIntosh B.Sc.O.T.(C), Paula Martin M.Sc.O.T.(C),
& Jigna Bhatt B.Sc.O.T., OTR are offering the above programs for preschool & elementary students. Their extensive experience in developmental and educational occupational therapy has helped hundreds of children improve their abilities to learn and communicate.

Visit us at www.ideascalgary.ca

Suite 405 Willow Park Centre
10325 Bonaventure Drive
Calgary, AB T2J 7E4

Ph: (403) 271-9020 OR (403) 680-8108 

Violence in the OT workplace focus groups in Calgary and Edmonton

Violence in the Occupational Therapy Workplace

Your opinion and experiences matter!



 The Alberta Human Services Occupational Health and Safety program has sponsored the development of a free online module about workplace violence

especially about and for occupational therapists and students.  

The project is led by Cary Brown, Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta and coordinated by Dr Annette Rivard.


An important part of this work is gathering information about OTs’ and OT students’ experiences and thoughts about workplace violence.


To do this we are holding 2 Focus Groups at the following dates and times:


Edmonton:   Tuesday Oct 4th from 5:00-6:00 pm Room 3-01/3-07 Corbett Hall, University of Alberta


Calgary:  Wednesday Oct 5 from 4:45-5:45 Room DTC-326 - Calgary Campus, 906 - 8 Avenue S.W. Calgary



Everyone is welcome to attend but so we can plan the numbers – please register at http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/cary-R/workplace-violence-ot-focus-group-registration/

or click the QR code



Your participation is important to help us develop the best learning opportunity possible- we hope to see you at the event.


Contact A. Rivard at arivard.ot@gmail.com for further detail.

Information on Canadian Fieldwork Placement Sharing System (CFPSS)

Committee on University Fieldwork Education (CUFE)


MEMO to Canadian Occupational Therapists regarding the

Canadian Fieldwork Placement Sharing System (CFPSS)

May 2016

Dear Canadian Fieldwork Partner,

We are pleased to inform you that the Committee on University Fieldwork Education (CUFE) has developed a new system for eligible student occupational therapists to participate in fieldwork outside of their home university catchment area; the Canadian Fieldwork Placement Sharing System (CFPSS).

The CFPSS is based primarily on placement ‘supply’ rather than student ‘demand’.  Canadian university fieldwork coordinators are committed to the development of placement ‘supply’ within their catchment areas in order to offer mobility to select student occupational therapists throughout Canada.  Going forward, each university program will ascertain which facilities will accept students from other Canadian OT programs as part of their call for fieldwork offers.  For Ontario and Quebec, where there are multiple occupational therapy programs within the province, students studying within the province will be given priority for placements within their province over students from other provinces.

Canadian students wishing to participate in fieldwork outside of their program’s catchment area will submit applications to their university fieldwork coordinator.   The university fieldwork coordinators will work collaboratively to match occupational therapy students to available fieldwork offers.

International student OTs who are interested in a fieldwork placement in Canada must arrange to have their home university fieldwork coordinator contact the Canadian university fieldwork coordinator for the catchment area in which they would like to have a placement to discuss the feasibility of a placement.  Some Canadian university programs have exchange agreements with international universities and thus will deal directly with that university regarding OT placements within Canada for those students.


As always, no students, whether Canadian or international, are allowed to directly contact any Canadian fieldwork facilities to solicit placements.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local university fieldwork coordinator if you have any questions or concerns about the CFPSS. Thank-you for your ongoing partnership in fieldwork education. Your contributions to the education of our students are vital and greatly appreciated by the Canadian OT education programs and by the students that you teach!


Members of CUFE (Your Canadian university fieldwork coordinators)

University Fieldwork Coordinator contact information: http://www.acotup-acpue.ca/English/members

OT wanted in Canmore

Seeking  motivated OT, SLP, and Behaviour Strategist/Psychologist to serve as consultants for a privately run FSCD Specialized Services contract.
Starting date: as early as Sept 1
Note: there will not be a developmental aide
Where: Canmore
Who: J. is beautiful 6 year old girl with Autism who is just starting to get to know her new guide dog. She lives with her biological parents and loves tight cuddles. Self regulation and getting the right words out are challenging. J loves being outside and benefits from routine.
Rate paid: as set by FSCD
If interested please contact Barb at 403-493-1001

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sensory Tools for Schools Workshop

Sensory Tools for Schools 
HENRY OT Services Inc.                   

DAY 1: Tools for Tots TM

DAY 2: Sensory Tool Chest TM

Presented by:
Susan Swindeman OTR/L 
Maureen Kane-Wineland PhD OT/L

November 4 & 5, 2016       

Best Western Plus Port O’ Call
1935 McKnight Boulevard NE
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6V4
Phone: 403-291-4600
Accommodation available on-site

Sponsored by:
Occupational Therapy Services

Course Description    
In this “sensory” workshop, developed by Diana A. Henry MS, OTR/L, (ateachabout.com), participants will actively engage in two days of hands-on fun movement, balance and motor activities using a variety of sensory tools that will promote all students’ attention and focus in the classroom.   

Day 1: Tools for Tots

This workshop is designed to offer practical sensory strategies to improve the ability of toddlers and preschoolers to play and function in their various daily environments. A variety of sensory activities and environmental strategies will be highlighted using hands-on participation and videos of typical tots and those with challenges including social engagement. 
Topics will include everyday issues related to waking up, picky eating, teeth brushing, getting dressed, potty time, hair washing, finger nail cutting, bath time, bed time, and more. Participants will also learn strategies to help Touchy Tots, Sensitive Ears, Busy Bees, Fumbling Tots, Tippy Toe Tots, Cautious Tots and Spirited Tots.

Day 2: Sensory Tool Chest

This is a unique hands-on, highly participatory FUN workshop! It includes demonstration of sensory integration and sensory processing to enhance the environment by making it “sensory safe” for students, parents, and teachers. Attendees will experience what it is like to have sensory challenges, and learn how to use chair balls and other sensory-based activities in classrooms, daycares, and homes by participating during the hands-on lab work. The workshop reviews current research and case studies using the Sensory Processing Measures (SPM and SPM-Preschool). An introduction to the SPM Quick Tips® is included, as well as how to help teams with clinical reasoning and brainstorming to develop sensory-based strategies. These are to be integrated into the fabric of the child's everyday life throughout school (art, music, PE, recess, cafeteria, bus and main classroom), in the home, and in the community. Opportunities for recording data will be discussed. Tool Chest activities will also be included.

More information: Kendra - ot4lifecalgary@gmail.com

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fine Motor Fall Camp in Edmonton

Creating Confident Printers

Growing Changes: Occupational Therapy Services for Children presents:
Fine Motor Fall Camp in Sept/Oct 2016

A four week fun and interactive camp for children in Kindergarten and grades 1 - 3 who find printing or other fine motor activities challenging. The camp will be run by experienced pediatric occupational therapists. A multi-sensory approach will be used along with co-operative games and crafts to practice the skills needed for hand functioning. This camp is designed for children who may be experiencing mild to moderate delays in fine motor development or who would benefit from extra practice.

The camp places an emphasis on grasp development, formation of lower case letters, legible printing, copying shapes and letters, using school tools (pencils, scissors, glue), in hand manipulation skills, eye hand coordination and strength. This includes a summary report identifying individual children's strengths, areas of need, and suggestions for further skill development will be provided.
This camp will use a multi-sensory approach combining fine and gross motor movement to enhance learning. Parents are encouraged to attend the first of the four sessions in order to help their child feel more at ease in the group and to learn how to support their child with printing practice at home.

Time: Printing Basics: 10:00 am - 11:30 am weekly
(Saturdays: September 24, October 1, 15 and 22). No class October long weekend.
Cost: $250.00
Where: Highlands Community Centre: 6112 - 113 Avenue Edmonton, AB
Contact: Rebecca Cormier at 780.965.4310 or email growingchanges@gmail.com to register.
Note: OT services may be covered depending on health plan and are tax deductible.