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Monday, 22 August 2016

Feeding Workshop

Dear Alberta Pediatric OTs
I highly recommend this workshop if you or one of your parents has a very challenging child to feed. It is for parents or therapists.
I attended this course a few years ago and it was extremely valuable in helping me with a particularly challenging child, and in my feeding practice in general.
Suzanne is THE feeding therapist in the world! She is warm and engaging and so knowledgeable, and the setting is gorgeous.
Laura Rogers

Dear Friend of New Visions,
I am delighted to tell you about the very special workshop that I teach near Charlottesville, VA on October 21-23.
Becoming a Mealtime Partner
Most workshops about feeding kids are taught to large groups where there is no opportunity for individual attention or focus on areas that answer your specific questions. My Mealtime Partner's workshop offers you a totally different experience.   You share learning with a group of 10-12 people.  The group includes both parents and professionals, which gives you the opportunity to hear and share many different perspectives.  I co-teach the workshop with a "Parent Partner", a mother of a child with feeding difficulties.  This offers the experience and perspective of both a therapist and a parent.
TubeFeedingBoy 8Each workshop is customized to the needs of the people who are coming.  The month before the workshop each person sends information about a child.  This includes a videotape of several mealtimes and written information that lets me know more about the child's medical and feeding history and challenges. I'm also interested in how you learn most easily and the concerns and questions you have about feeding children.  I spend more than 2 hours with this information about you and your child.  This let's me choose activities and learning materials for the workshop that meet your needs.
ChoosingFoodChild 9We all want to help our children become more comfortable and open to developing an interest in eating. We want them to have the skills to eat and drink safely and skillfully.
With the ideas from this workshop, you can help children want to eat and develop the inner motivation and skills that make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone. Check out all of the details about the workshop content, objectives, and schedule on the New Visions website.
If you have questions about the workshop or would like to register for the October 21st-23rd program, please e-mail me at sem@new-vis.com and let me know some days and times when I could call you.
 My continued mission is to offer you information and products that support your caring work with children who have feeding, mealtime or oral-motor challenges.

Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D.
Speech-Language Pathologist
New Visions
1124 Roberts Mountain Rd.
Faber, VA 22938
(434) 361-2287

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