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Monday, 19 October 2015

Intensive Feeding Therapy

I am working with a family who is seeking intensive feeding therapy for their four year old child.  They have access to weekly therapy through publicly funded sources.  Family is willing to travel within North America.  Child is currently 100% reliant on tube feeding and has a long list of allergies/intolerances.  Family would like for the child to eat more by mouth, child currently consumes only scant tastes and shows symptoms of substantial oral aversion.  He is medically and physically very complicated with global developmental delay.  He struggles to sit independently and requires support.  Unknown swallowing safety status.  His sensory system seems to be on high alert and he would benefit from OT being involved as part of his treatment team.

Any suggestions for intensive treatment options would be warmly welcomed. 

Thank you,

Mandy Madsen, BScOT, Reg (SK)

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