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Monday, 17 August 2015

Discussion regarding Reflex Integration

    As a part of my practicum, I am doing research on reflex integration- Identifying activities to integrate reflexes that interfere with self care skills. I wonder if anyone can share your experience or any resources (materials, website link, research articles) to help me learn to notice the signs of persisting primitive reflex that interferes with self care skills? or  how do we know if reflex interferes with self-care tasks and how does it look like? For instance what would be the signs of interfering reflexes in the dressing skill? In my case, one of my clients (10 yrs old with ASD) usually drops the tooth brush whenever he attempts to  rotate his forearm while brushing a toy teeth. I am trying to find out if this is because of persisting pal mar reflex? If yes what are the activities that the child can do to integrate the reflex?.
            The other example is whenever the child bends to put his shoes on, he kicks his legs automatically. I am wondering if this is a overreaction of STNR reflex?  If you have come cross any articles or aware of any websites to learn about these, please let me know.  
Other than yoga pose and general exercises to integrate reflex, what other activities that the child can do? It would be great if you can share your valuable views, ideas or experience on this topic.
Thank you for your reply in advance!
Saranya Balasubramani.
Provisional Occupational Therapist.
Registered and licensed with ACOT,

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