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Saturday, 11 July 2015

OT School Board Grids

I am an Occupational Therapist working in Fort McMurray with the school board and was wondering if anyone had access to the grid that Calgary Board of Education uses. They are trying to put us on a grid here in Fort McMurray but it seems to be lower than what they use both in Edmonton and Calgary. If anyone had any info to share it would be greatly appreciated.


  1. All salary grids are available on-line at hsaa.ca

  2. Hi Chantel,
    I recognize that this is an old post but I was looking for any OTs from Fort McMurray who may have been impacted by the fire. My thoughts are with you during this incredibly difficult time.
    The organization I work with in Calgary, Renfrew Educational Services, has offered support to any families in the area who might need assistance with replacing visual supports, navigating services etc. If you know a family that may benefit, they can email stacyfinnbogason@renfreweducation.org for more information.
    Wishing you strength and support for the days to come.