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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Feeding for 18yr old

Hello fellow OTs, I received a call from Andrea Mossen, a rural dietician with PCN inquiring about how best to help this new 18 year-old who has gained 30 lbs in 8 months due to decreased activity and more importantly, due to a very restricted diet which has finally caught up to her; I think Kay Toomey would say she is a problem feeder. She was initially referred to a dietician when she was 12, but refused to go. Now, she is motivated… So, there seems to be a few issues and I thought someone might be able to provide some resources for the dietician, since I have only been working here for 5 months. Here are the issues: · family issues where she will not eat with her family and has admitted she wants to increase her repertoire of foods to taste every day BUT NOT with her father or brother present; cooks her own meals after family eats · family issues: refuses to attend large family functions where eating is involved · social issues: was playing soccer intensely but not comfortable as an adult playing mixed league; has replaced soccer with weight training 4-5 times a week · sensory issues: cannot tolerate being on the same floor of the house when her mother is cooking certain foods · extremely limited foods (no vegetables, only apples, milk, ichiban noodle soup, M&M prepared foods, specific granola bars, bologna sandwich on white bread, white toasted bagel with certain cream cheese brand, three specific cereals, some smoothies, pancakes This young adult has said she wants to introduce one new food to taste per day WITH ONLY HER MOTHER present. I was concerned that perhaps she might be jumping the gun if she can’t even be physically around when her mother is preparing and cooking food. I suggested to Andrea to let this young girl know about the graduated steps to get to tasting as it sounds like she might be at the “be in the same room” level rather than the “put in my mouth” phase to maximize success and that there are steps before eating that would still be considered a step forward. We also talked about small changes in the diet with the girl’s permission (e.g., Sneaky Chef for pancakes and adding more to smoothies, etc.) I don’t actually deal with this in my current caseload and it appears that there are more than dietary issues. I am wondering if anyone has any great reading/online resources that Andrea might give to the young woman as well as who she might refer this family to, to support this 18 year old who is asking for help and is willing to make the changes necessary. I am thinking some social work/family therapy? Oh, the young woman is from Bonnyville. Andrea would appreciate if you had any suggestions, to email her andrea@bonnyvillepcn.ca or you can email Voon.YouTen@albertahealthservices.ca. Voon You Ten, BScOT Registered Occupational Therapist

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