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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Call For Offers - Fieldwork Placement Sites

Happy New Year to our AB and NWT OTs! We hope you have had a lovely holiday season with lots of rest and relaxation.

(1) Call for Offers for 2015 spring and summer placement sessions:

A friendly reminder that the initial response deadline for the 'call for offers' for the upcoming spring and summer OT fieldwork sessions is Friday, January 16. Please forward your offers to Michelle Green (or enter them directly into HSPnet, if that service is available to you).
  • Year 2/Level 3 placements: Mar 23 - May 1 (6 weeks) * dates can be delayed up to 2 weeks to accommodate spring break in the school systems
  • Year 1/Level 1 placements: May 11 - June 26 (7 weeks)
  • Year 2/Level 3/FINAL placements: June 29 - Aug 7 (6 weeks) ** dates are flexible and can be any 6 weeks between June 15 to the end of August to accommodate preceptor summer holidays
(2) Fieldwork Site Profiles:

Our UofA MScOT Program will be undergoing accreditation at the end of 2015. This process ensures that our program is achieving the high standard of education set for occupational therapy across Canada. The Canadian Guidelines for Fieldwork Education in Occupational Therapy (CGFEOT) is the national document that directs OT fieldwork education. Please take a few minutes to review the CGFEOT guidelines found here.

One of the guidelines is to maintain a Fieldwork Site Profile (FSPro) for each placement site (updated at least every 5 years) that provides basic site-specific information to students and fieldwork coordinators. Rather than attempting to scan and send each of you the 'old' form that we have for your site, we are asking that you take a few minutes to complete a new Fieldwork Site Profile.

The Fieldwork Site Profile (FSPro) form is attached. Please decide who might be the best person at your site to compile this information and complete only one form per site with a breakdown of specific services or practice areas being added under some of the headings. My advice would be to keep the information provided simple and straight-forward so that it doesn't need to be updated too frequently!

Please scan and send (or fax) the completed, signed form to Michelle Green by January 31, 2015:

Michelle Green
Clinical Education Assistant
Now that the new digital era is upon us, we will be posting the FSPro on an OT department website so that students can easily access the information provided to assist them in making informed decisions about placement selection. (If your site is an HSPnet user, then you can also elect to post the FSPro on your 'site profile' on within HSPnet.)

Thank you in advance for investing the time to coordinate the creation of a new FSPro for your site. If you have any questions about how to best complete the FSPro form, please contact us.

We appreciate your ongoing support of clinical education for our UofA OT students and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Cori and team

Cori Schmitz, MEd, BScOT(C)

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