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Friday, 7 February 2014


July 19/20, 2-14 (Saturday/Sunday) in Airdrie, Alberta.
Featuring: Dr. Curt Baxstrom and Dr. Charles Boulet
More information, including program details, updated program, and pricing available at  drboulet.com

This event is much more than your average CE event, with a strong didactic program, immediate practical hands-on techniques and training, and engaging discussions and sharing with child development specialists from a number of medical and para-medical domains. 
Program in brief - See http://drboulet.com for more detail and to sign up for program updates:
We are all looking for a better approach to the common concerns we struggle when attempting to assist our clientele. There is often a tendency to wonder who is the best to deliver a comprehensive solution. In the end, the best clinical solution is not so much in 'who' does 'what' - we ALL have to do ‘it’: Assist using evidence-based approaches to fundamental developmental needs first – neuromuscular and neurosensory.
The question is more 'what' do we do? This 'what' we do is to apply exactly the notions described and training provided in this program. The program emphasizes:
·      The role of vestibular function
o   As support for vision
o   As a function of visual processing
·      Vestibular function, vision, and coordination.
·      The role and impact of gross-motor and reflex development in visual-motor integration, and fine oculomotor skills.
·      Description of visual functional concerns and how these affect learning and behaviour.
·      Implementation of principles in clinic to achieve accelerated results
o   Gross-motor
o   Coordination
o   Visuomotor skills
o   Attention and impulse control
o   Spatial awareness
·      Principles apply equally well to child development as to ABI/TBI.
To round things off, we will even spend a few minutes discussing myopia control. Non-surgical and complementary means of addressing amblyopia and strabismus.

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