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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Visual Rehabilitation and Development Clinic for Northern Alberta

Visual Rehabilitation and Development Clinic for Northern Alberta
Dr. Charles Boulet is pleased to announce he will be taking patients for visual rehabilitation and development support starting in October in St. Albert. Services include case analysis, consultation, diagnostics, and treatment planning.

Who should be seen?
Any child with a developmental or learning concern has an 80% or better chance of having some significant concern with refractive error, binocular alignment and control, strabismus/amblypia, fine visuomotor skills. Dr. Boulet encourages collaborative approaches to care and prefers to work closely with OTs to integrate visual rehabilitation activities with existing therapy planning.

See this recent press release re: vision and child development:

You can contact Dr. Boulet directly at caboulet@mac.com, or at his clinic in Black Diamond:
Phone: 403-933-5552
Email: info@dvvc.ca
You can book appointments in St. Albert by contacting St. Albert Optometrists:
Phone: 780 458 0335
Email: stalberteye@gmail.com

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