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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dance Class for Children with Special Needs in Edmonton Area

The Movement and Mobility Dance Class application deadline has been extended to September 18th.

Essentially this is a collaborative effort between Megan Archibald, pediatric Physical Therapist and the Beaumont dance school to provide opportunities for kids with motor delays or other developmental delays to attend an extracurricular recreation activity. Currently they are targeting the preschool/kindergarten age group however they have received at least one application for an older child and may consider different groupings depending on the applicants.

If you have families who might be interested in this opportunity please share the attached application form with them and encourage them to submit it as directed as soon as possible and to disregard the deadline dates that are on it. They have just opened the program up by providing this information to other school divisions (other than Black Gold Regional Division) via their physical therapists and occupational therapists.

If you are aware of a PUF student in your class they are the ones who are most likely to fit in the program so as your kids start to arrive in your classroom please keep this program in mind. 

Please feel free to email Megan with any questions or concerns

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