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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Information from Meeting With Dr. Boulet

The Edmonton OT Pediatric Interest Group would like to express our thanks to Dr. Charles Boulet for sharing his Saturday afternoon with us!  We enjoyed great discussion and learning!  (even if only the tip of the iceberg!)  Please find below information further to our discussion:
  • Learning Management.ca is a website offering free registration and access to many great articles and resources.
  • Visual Impediments to Learning (VIL) paper by Dr. Piquette and Dr. Boulet, to be published this July in 'Optometry and Visual Performance'. Feel free to share widely.
  • Word.docx and PDF versions of a template for referral for visual functional assessment that should suffice in helping OTs to collect the most relevant information from optometrists.


  1. Thank-you so much for posting this information about the discussion with Dr.Boulet as I was unable to make it on Saturday... I'm having difficulty opening the VIL paper and the PDF or WOrd. documents and wondering if other people are able to open it?
    Leah Rasmuson

    1. I was able to open them with google docs and anyone with access to the link should be able to see it. Not sure what is happening. What happens when you click the link?