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Thursday, 14 February 2013

International Student

There is a worker at one of the daycares I see who worked as an OT in her home country, and is now trying to become qualified in Canada. She is completing a program through McMaster University that helps with this transition, and is in the process of working on assignments.
I have been trying to give her advice here and there, but I am not familiar enough with this program, and feel like I have been out of school too long to be much help with writing papers/assignments.
If anyone is willing/able to take on this student, I know she would really appreciate it. It would require being available by phone or email on occasion to answer questions and/or give advice about general OT questions, and questions specific to her assignments related to Pediatric OT.
Please let me know and I will pass on her contact info. (Please contact me by email: bbrewin@providencechildren.com)

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