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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

South Calgary Private Contract for Jan 2013


I am a private service provider and am arranging a specialized service team for a new family I will be taking on in January 2013.  I have been in contact with a number of OT's that I currently work with but have had no luck finding someone with availability.  This family lives just north of Chinook mall and needs programming to be done between 4:30-6:30pm on Mon-Wed's as well as Saturday mornings.  These times are when the aide will be working and all the professionals are free to come in whenever they can within those times.  OT has about 4 hours  per month in the contract to use (possibly a bit more than that from Jan-April).  If anyone is interested please email Cindy Oneil at cindy-oneil@hotmail.com or phone (403) 669-6505.  The child has autism and seems not too severe but I don't know much else about the family yet at this time.  

Merry Christmas
Cindy Oneil

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