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Monday, 25 June 2012

Work and Research Opportunity for new Therapy Group

Dear Calgary Pediatric OTs,

I will be starting a small group therapeutic intervention for reading and learning disabilities this summer, likely in August. The program emphasizes the role of visual development and will seek to remediate Visual Impediments to Learning (VIL) as part of a more comprehensive approach to LD/RD. The general approach will address many of the common concerns children struggle against, including gross and fine motor coordination, laterality/directionality, bilateral integration, sensory integration, as well as a number of low-level and high-level cognitive skills that support classroom success.

We are in need of private contractors to work with families on a weekly basis and to contribute to the refining of the treatment protocol. This study will show metrics before, during, and after treatment, and will form the basis of a new formalized plan for LD/RD intervention. This will include a number of papers written to describe the process and outcomes.

We are looking for two participants, but will happily entertain expressions of interest from as many who respond. If you are interested in participating in this work and research, please contact me directly (information below). Include a brief summary of credentials, experience, and professional interests. Likewise, if you have further questions about this work or are simply interested in adding your name to our list of private OT contractors, please feel free to write.

Warmest regards, 

Dr. Charles Boulet
Dr. Charles BouletBEd, BSc, OD 
Developmental Optometry / Learning Consulting 

www.DVVC.ca -  Clinic
Box 1289
Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0

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