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Monday, 25 June 2012

Book Reviewers Wanted!

Hello all,
Dr. Boulet presented at the last Calgary Peds meeting. He is looking for people to review his book.  If anyone is interested, please see the info below.

Perhaps you recall from my presentation last week that I am working on a book for teachers and OTs on the role of vision in determining behaviour in the classroom, as well as a companion manual to guide intervention. As I near completion of the first drafts, I am looking for people to review sections and provide feedback. Can you pass this along to your group to see if anyone is available for this? All reviewers will of course be properly credited and receive a complimentary copy when it is published. 

Many thanks!

Dr. Boulet

Dr. Charles BouletBEd, BSc, OD 
Family Optometry / Learning Consulting 

www.DVVC.ca -  Clinic
Box 1289
Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0

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