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Friday, 4 May 2012

Looking for Information to Inform Best Practice in DCD


I am conducting a Review of articles and documents that inform best practice in DCD. Although we have explored and discussed materials in our Community of Practice group, I wonder if any of you use documents in your practice that I may not be aware of --  Guidelines or protocols, Decision Trees (Algorithms), or Clinical Pathways.

I think we all use materials from the CanChild website; I am also aware of the Leeds Consensus Statement from 2006 and the recent EACD Guidelines with Blank et al’s article in DMCN.

Am I missing anything?

Have you or your department/ agency developed guidelines that guide how you assess, treat or manage children with DCD?

If you are aware of any documents, could you please forward them to me? Or forward this email to someone else who may be able to assist me?

With my thanks and appreciation!
Brenda Wilson

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