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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Flexible You in Calgary

Dear Colleagues & Families!

Kari Palmar, presenter and co-author of Incredible Flexible You volume 1 and 2 is coming back to Calgary!!!  This time she will demonstrate how the concepts from the Incredible Flexible You series can be used to teach children how to decipher the "hidden curriculum", social expectations in a variety of settings and to successfully engage in imaginative and interactive play.  She will also teach us how to teach our children and students to become better critical social thinkers by taking a Social Thinking concept and generalizing it to many different routines and activities that commonly occur in our day to lives.

At the end of both days, attendees will feel they have several lessons plans that they can use the very next day! . It is found that best learning occurs when weaving back and forth between theory and practical ideas instead of dividing these up into 2 separate courses.    You do not want to miss either day!!!!

This 2 day workshop is taking Social Thinking concepts to the next level.  Attendees familiar with Social Thinking concepts, either from attending previous courses or having read some Social Thinking books will get the most benefit.  This conference is considered an intermediate to advanced course.

We know that the students and children in our lives are complicated!  In many cases, the knowledge and training in working with this population is very limited.  To truly serve this group, we have to understand the depth and complexity of their challenges.  But where do we start with a social cognitive challenge?  What do we treat?  How do we do it?  And understanding that there is such wide variation with our students and children.  Because the nature of the challenges are complex, two days will give you the time to explain and explore answers to all of these questions.  Social Thinking is widely known for taking the complex, abstract nature of teaching social and boiling it down to user friendly teaching for both professionals, parents, families, and students.

We are so excited to bring Kari Palmer back to Calgary to share her wealth of knowledge about social communication and social thinking.  In further communications with Kari, it has become aware to us how this conference will provide functional ideas that can be used in all aspects of our children's lives.  In an effort to make this course more economical for families we would like to offer a discounted rate for parents and family members of $375 for early bird registration and $400 for regular registration.

Please feel free to share with your colleagues, teachers, and families!!!

Please contact either Krista or Nicole!

Click HERE to access the brochure 

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