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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Feeding/Swallowing Questions

I work in Saskatoon and follow a child who complains of food sticking in his throat.  He has experienced choking episodes, but they occur perhaps 1-4 times per year.  The physician has ordered a VFSS and I plan on attending the test.  I have requested an article from the June edition of Dysphagia that discusses using an unmasticated mini marshmallow to assess food sticking in the throat with adults.  Has anyone tried this strategy in the radiology suite – either with peds or adults?  I would love to speak to someone with more knowledge in this area.  Child is 6 years old and entering grade two.  Normal cognition.
Please feel free to call me at 306-655-1274 or email Amanda.madsen@saskatoonhealthregion.ca
Thanks in advance,
Mandy Madsen, BScOT, Reg (SK) Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program Days of Work: Monday to Thursday 9:15am to 3:15pm 655-1274

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