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Monday, 23 February 2015

Working with Families in Natural Environments with Dr. Robin McWilliams

Working with Families in Natural Environments with Dr. Robin McWilliams
April 10, 2015
Oasis Center, Edmonton or Live Webcasting (Outside Edmonton & Area)
Dr. McWilliam is a leader in recommended practices in early intervention and early childhood special education. Dr. McWilliam is known for his work on children's engagement, family-centered services, natural environments, and integrated therapy. His work encompasses research, training, and advocacy. He has trained early intervention personnel and administrators all over the United States and overseas and has run a doctoral training program at the University of North Carolina. His package of strategies for providing early intervention services in natural environments has been implemented in many communities. Through discussion and guided activities, participants will learn about: Routines-Based Interviews , Functional intervention planning , Using collaborative consultation
For more information on Dr Robin McWilliam and the Siskin Children’s Institute see: www.siskin.org
Cost: Profession: $275
         Parent: $225
        Live Webcasting: $195

For registration and additional information, please go to http://www.childrensautism.ca/net/conference.html or phone at 780 495 9235

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