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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Incredible Flexible You - Social Thinking Workshop September 12,13

This is a reminder for all of you interested in the upcoming September Incredible Flexible You Course.  Our Early Bird deadline is just around the corner.  Payment and registration must be received or postdated by June 15, 2014.  

Please note:  should registration spots be filled, registrations received in order will be processed and given remaining spots.

If you are paying by etransfer:
2. Please complete and email back to: growinggrowingskills@gmail.com
3. Please send payment to: growingskills@gmail.com (Krista Plosz) with the password being: socialthinking (all lower case and 1 word)

Receipts will be emailed out between June 24 and June 30, 2014.

Anyone, needing more information, please contact myself or Nicole Dickson (ndickson@shaw.ca)

The foundational knowledge of what is social/social thinking will be something referred back to throughout the two days. Attending 2 days of this amazing Social Thinking Conference, gives the foundation.  The rest of Day 1 (and the following day) then weaves between theory and developmental information and very practical strategies and ideas to take back to homes, classrooms, community, and private practice settings.  At the end of both days, attendees will feel they have many ideas they can implement immediately. 

We know that the students and children in our lives are complicated!  In many cases, the knowledge and training in working with this population is very limited.  To truly serve this group, we have to understand the depth and complexity of their challenges.  But where do we start with a social cognitive challenge?  What do we treat?  How do we do it?  And understanding that there is such wide variation with our students and children.  Because the nature of the challenges are complex, two days will give you the time to explain and explore answers to all of these questions.  Social Thinking is widely known for taking the complex, abstract nature of teaching social and boiling it down to user friendly teaching for both professionals, parents, families, and students.

Please feel free to share the brochure with your colleagues, teachers, and families!!!

Can't wait to see everyone.
Krista & Nicole

Telephone: 403-990-6578

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