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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Visual Impediments in childhood learning and behavioural difficulties

Article by Dr. Charles Boulet on Visual Impediments in childhood learning and behavioural difficulties.

A University of Lethbridge researcher is calling for more comprehensive, and compulsory, early childhood vision assessments to help reduce potential learning and behavioural difficulties that affect children with impairments to eyesight and visual function.
In a paper recently published in the Journal of Optometry and Vision Performance (http://www.oepf.org/visual-impediments-to-learning), co-authors Dr. NoĆ«lla Piquette of the University’s Faculty of Education and developmental optometrist Dr. Charles Boulet assert that visual impediments to learning (VIL) are rarely detected in common sight screenings, leading to difficulties with reading, memory, emotional awareness and impulse control in children. The resulting effect, enhanced by the greater visual demands of today’s neo-traditional classrooms, alters children’s academic outcomes, health and behaviour, leading to limited socioeconomic success and even decreased social skills.

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