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Thursday, 14 February 2013

VT for OT's Workshop

VT for OT's Part 1 
Notice: "Dr. Charles Boulet will be presenting a 'VT for OT's' workshop July 6 and 7 in Calgary. Location TBA. Learn how to integrate vision therapy into existing OT programming, as well as to work with vision-specific concerns. The workshop will cover practical elements of VT, and break down therapeutic needs with specific examples of activities. Time will also be spent demonstrating techniques, and equipment options will be explained, as well as options for purchase. This course would be required in order to enroll in subsequent and more advanced courses. . The 2-day course will run Saturday and Sunday 9-4 with an hour for lunch. Fees: $750 for the two days. Call 403-933-5552 or write to info@dvvc.ca to book. Enrollment is capped at 12 participants." 

Brochure found here.

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