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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Optometrist in Edmonton


I was referred to your blog by an OT here in Edmonton.  I am an optometrist with a private practice that specializes in Families.  My education at Pacific University College of Optometry gave me a great appreciation for Occupational Therapy and its role in the lives of families.  I wanted the OTs here in Edmonton to know I am accepting new patients and enjoy children in particular.  Please feel free to post my information and clinic in any of your emails or publications.  I am available by phone or in person for any questions.  My doors are always open if you want to stop by and see the office.

Many thanks,
Dr. Kelsey Ford
Lendrum Eyecare
5822-111th St
Edmonton, AB
T6H 3G1


  1. I don't know the area very much but we are thinking about moving here, are there very many optometrists in Edmonton at all?

  2. This is a well kept blog! Would you happen to know of a top notch Optometrist in Red Deer ?

    1. Would you like me to post this as a question on the blog? Not sure how many people actually read the comments.

  3. I am thinking about moving here but there are too many Optometrist