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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

School Based Practice Guidelines

Hi everyone!

I was reviewing my old "burgundy binder" documents that included not only our Standards of Practice but also Guidelines for School Based Practice.  I do not see this document on ACOT's website, nor have I found where (if anywhere) that information has been amalgamated into our Code of Ethics or Standards...  I did email the ACOT Registrar but she could not provide clarification about where this document/information went, or whether it is still relevant.  Does anyone have information about this?

Thank you,
Nicole Ebbesen Rowan


  1. Hi Nicole: I was told a few years ago that they were going to be revising the document, but I haven't seen anything come out.
    Cindy Camp

  2. Hi Nicole,

    In response to your question to the OT Pediatric Interest Group about Standards of Practice...

    The Standards of Practice for School Based OT were deemed to be out of date and no longer relevant. They were rescinded in late 2009 at the recommendation of the Pediatric Task Force. Jadine Briggs, Cathryn Rowley and myself were Calgary representatives on this Task Force. It was chaired by Pat Edney, and is no longer active.

    Beth Ritchie

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