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Monday, 6 February 2012

Recommendation for DCD Meetings

The Community of Practice on Understanding DCD invites you to our next 2 Open Meetings to discuss the new Recommendations for DCD from the European Academy for Childhood Disability (which are also the new Clinical Practice Guidelines for Germany and Switzerland):

-- Feb 9th at 12:00, focusing on Recommendations for Treatment, and

-- March 8th at 4:30, focusing on other Recommendations (TBD)

Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology (DMCN) has a 40 page summary of the EACD recommendation here. You can also find the complete long version of the recommmendations (115 pages) and the shorter 'pocket' version (10 pages) on the EACD website here.

For the February meeting, we will discuss how the guidelines might be applicable to your practice setting. You will find it helpful to review:

- part of the DMCN article: pages 74 – 84, Sections 8.5 to 9.4 (quite long, but very descriptive),


- 3 pages of the Pocket version “Treatment” Algorithm and the 2 pages of recommendations which follow the algorithm (short, to the point, but lacking in the rationale).

Please feel free to forward this email, with attachments, to invite your teammembers and colleagues in the health or education professions who are also working with children who have DCD (such as psychologists, recreation therapists, etc.) and who would be interested in discussion of the first multidisciplinary clinical practice guidelines for DCD.

Both meetings are held at ACH in room B4-011, with other Telehealth sites available.

Email Tammy Nighswander (tammyn@ualberta.ca) if you need more information on Telehealth sites.
Many Thanks!

Tammy Nighswander and Brenda Wilson


  1. Remember that you have to register if you plan to attend through telehealth.

  2. Reminder that the 2nd meeting is coming up on March 8th.